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Improves circulation
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Endospheres massage for women who care about their figure
Hardware program that helps to improve your figure and skin quality with safe results
Draws excess water
and toxins out
of the body
Helps with weight loss
New Generation Body Care
Endospheres is a therapy that helps eliminate fat deposits, stimulates blood flow, and improves the body's condition.
Strong vibrations send a signal to the tissues, which in response free the body of toxins and excess fluid
The device has a profound effect, like a thousand fingers
No manual massage can compare in depth and efficiency with an Endospheres session
The procedure triggers the active work of the body by deep penetration into the bodice and helps to achieve the desired results
1 session of Endospheres = 5 sessions of manual massage
Helps get rid of cellulite
Restores skin density and tone
Allows you to increase collagen production
Helps get rid of body fat and stretch marks
Promotes the elimination of stagnation and toxins from the body
It has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels with varicose veins
Relieves muscle cramps and pains
Improves circulation and lymph flow
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