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for women who care about their figure
Endospheres massage
Helps with weight loss
Draws excess water and toxins out of the body
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Improves circulation
Hardware program that helps to improve your figure and skin quality with safe results
New Generation Body Care
Endospheres is a therapy that helps eliminate fat deposits, stimulates blood flow, and improves the body's condition.
Strong vibrations send a signal to the tissues, which in response free the body of toxins and excess fluid
The device has a profound effect, like a thousand fingers
No manual massage can compare in depth and efficiency with an Endospheres session
Become a sculptor of your body without a scalpel
just for 199 AED
The procedure triggers the active work of the body by deep penetration into the bodice and helps to achieve the desired results
1 session of Endospheres = 5 sessions of manual massage
Allows you to increase collagen production
Restores skin density and tone
Helps get rid of cellulite
Helps get rid of body fat and stretch marks
Improves circulation and lymph flow
It has a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels with varicose veins
Relieves muscle cramps and pains
Promotes the elimination of stagnation and toxins from the body
Get a powerful lymphatic drainage effect without pain
Mechanical effect
The innovative method of hardware cosmetology does not emit microwaves, rays, or laser
The method is based on pressure
The skin is not stretched during the procedure, as with the vacuum-roller method
Helps with varicose veins
It is clinically proven that Endospheres Therapy helps to restore the elasticity of vascular walls
75 minutes of pleasure for body and soul
While you are resting on the massage table, the device affects the problem areas of the body using micro-vibration of a special attachment
50 rotating silicone spheres glide over the massage oil, acting on fat cells and deep tissue layers without causing pain
The vibration penetrates deep into the tissue layers and helps to smooth the skin and strengthen vascular walls
Choose Endospheres over grueling workouts
Make your skin smooth and firm
Reduce body volumes up to 2 sizes
Improve muscle tone
Become a sculptor of your body without a scalpel
just for 199 AED
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Podruzhki — a modern clinic of hardware cosmetology
years of helping women get better
offices of cosmetology services
locations worldwide
Taking care of your health
Individual plan
We consult with the doctor, prescribe the number of sessions, and give recommendations to help you achieve your goals
We use state-of-the-art cosmetology equipment that helps you achieve visible changes
Innovative equipment
Specialists are trained by equipment manufacturers and have medical education
Professionalism of staff
We work according to internal protocols and keep our rooms sterile
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Answering your questions
How safe is a hardware massage?
The hardware massage Endospheres Therapy is safe. The method is based on compression and micro-vibration and does not cause damage to venous and lymphatic vessels.
What are the contraindications?
Malignant formations, skin diseases in the stage of exacerbation, cancer, diabetes, acute respiratory infections, pregnancy, lactation, thrombophlebitis, and stage III varicose veins.
Are there any age restrictions?
The procedure has no age restrictions. It is even recommended for children engaged in professional sports to relieve excessive muscle tension.
Does it help to get rid of stretch marks?
By improving blood circulation, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, stretch marks visually become less noticeable, especially if they appeared not so long ago.
How many treatments do I need for the effect?
To get a noticeable long-term effect, you need to take a course of 6−12 treatments. The duration of the course depends on the problem and the condition of the skin.
and feel the result after 1 session
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